Simulation for AP1000

10 September 2007

A simulator for the Westinghouse AP1000 units to be built in China will be supplied by GSE Systems. The company will also develop software for new generation Russian VVER reactors.

US-based GSE has announced $9 million in contracts covering a full-scope simulator for the Sanmen twin-AP1000 project as well as services and upgrades to existing simulators in Germany, Mexico, Russia, the UK and the USA.

GSE said that authorisation to proceed on the Sanmen project came after Westinghouse and its consortium partners (principally Shaw Group) received definitive contracts to provide four AP1000 pressurized water reactors (PWRs). The contract was issued in July by Sanmen Nuclear Power Company, Shandong Nuclear Power Company, China National Technical Import & Export Corporation and the State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation.

Two units will be built at Sanmen, and two more at Haiyang. Construction is expected to begin in 2009, with the first plant becoming operational in late 2013. The remaining three would be expected to operate in 2014-5. Preparation of the sites is set to begin within weeks. Work to deliver the simulator may begin immediately and take four years.

In April 2005 GSE agreed with Westinghouse GSE to cooperate on the development of AP1000 simulators as well as the "verification and validation" of the AP1000 human-machine interface, on which several phases of regulatory tests have been completed. GSE described itself in a statement as Westinghouse's preferred vendor internationally and domestically.

In addition to this work, GSE also announced contracts with the Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Operations to provide new reactor core and thermo-hydraulic codes. GSE said these would be used for the 1200 MWe AES-2006 model next generation VVERs (PWRs), of which Russian planners expect to build 18 by 2020.

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