Sparton studies South African coal ash

22 June 2007

[Sparton, 21 June] Sparton Resources of Canada has entered into an agreement with Akanani Investment Corp (AIC) to evaluate uranium extraction possibilities from waste coal ash in South Africa. AIC is a South African-based private company holding interests in a range of mining, commercial and industrial enterprises. Under the agreement, Sparton will provide the its technical expertise and experience in evaluating extracting uranium from coal ash using technology developed by its strategic process engineering partner Lyntek of the USA. AIC will assist in procuring suitable coal ash, licences, permits and authorizations necessary for the project. AIC will also provide financial consulting services to assist in identifying suitable investors for commercialization of production from waste coal ash. A joint venture company (51% AIC, 49% Sparton) will be established to oversee and finance the program. Most electricity generated in South Africa comes from coal-fired plants burning low grade lignite or brown coals. Sparton is involved in similar projects in China and Europe.

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