Sweden appoints national nuclear power coordinator

05 January 2024

Swedish Energy & Industry Minister Ebba Busch has announced the appointment of Carl Berglöf as national nuclear power coordinator as the country embarks on a programme to expand its nuclear generating capacity. He will support the government in its work to promote new nuclear power.

Ebba Busch (right) announces the appointment of Carl Berglöf as national nuclear power coordinator (Image: regeringen.se)

In October 2022, Sweden's incoming centre-right coalition government adopted a positive stance towards nuclear energy. In November last year, it unveiled a roadmap which envisages the construction of new nuclear generating capacity equivalent to at least two large-scale reactors by 2035, with up to ten new large-scale reactors coming online by 2045.

"In order for new nuclear power to come to fruition, it is important that all relevant actors come together and have a close dialogue about how the expansion can be carried out at the pace needed to meet a growing need for electricity and based on the requirements of the total defense for a robust and resilient energy supply," the government said on 4 December. "The coordinator will be a point of contact for stakeholders and actors in the area and will cooperate with them in order to increase the rate of establishment of new reactors."

Berglöf - who has been a nuclear advisor at the industry organisation Energiföretagen Sweden since 2017 - will take up the position as national nuclear power coordinator on 1 February.

As part of the role, he will be expected to continuously support the government in following up and analysing how the work with the expansion of nuclear power is progressing and identifying the need for supplementary measures. The assignment must be finalised by 31 December 2026 at the latest, the government said.

"The coordinator will have a central role in speeding up the expansion of new nuclear power and pushing for the measures required for the roadmap for new nuclear power in Sweden to be implemented," said Busch.

"I am very honoured to take on the role of national nuclear power coordinator," Berglöf said. "Over the past decade, I have worked in various roles to enable new nuclear power in Sweden, so I feel well prepared for the task. From my previous working life, I bring with me my deep knowledge of the subject, my broad network and my ability to untangle knots." 

Sweden's six nuclear power reactors currently generate about one-third of the country's electricity.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News