Swedish nuclear power plant gets new turbines

15 June 2007

Unit 2 at Sweden's Oskarshamn nuclear power plant is to undergo upgrading that will increase the plant's installed capacity by more than 30 MWe.

Siemens Power Generation has won the contract to upgrade the low-pressure turbines at the 610 MWe boiling water reactor (BWR). The new turbines will use advanced three-dimensional blading technology, enabling them to make better use of the energy contained in the steam produced by the reactor. As well as the low-pressure turbines, Siemens will supply other related components and a new instrumentation and control system. According to Siemens, the upgrades will ensure high plant operating reliability and low power generation costs over the long term.

Oskarshamn 2 is one of three BWRs at the site, operated by OKG, itself a Swedish subsidiary of EOn. It entered commercial operation in 1975. Unlike a pressurised water reactor, steam from a BWR is fed directly to the turbines without passing through a heat exchanger. The upgrades to unit 2 are planned for completion in 2009.

OKG signed a contract with Alstom for a 250 MWe upgrade of the larger and more modern Oskarshamn 3 in 2006, including a turbine upgrade as well as reactor upgrade.

Sweden has ten operating nuclear power units, generating up to half its electricity.

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