Swedish political opposition wanes

03 April 2007

[The Local, 31 March and 2 April] Sweden's Christian Democratic party has changed its position on nuclear energy. According to a report published by the party, the aim is no longer to "phase out Swedish nuclear energy as renewable sources replace it." Instead, the Christian Democrats explain that they "do not wish to rule out that new nuclear reactors will be built in Sweden after 2010." The apparent u-turn means that three of the country's four ruling parties are now willing to consider the expansion of the nuclear power program. Among the ruling conservative parties, the Liberals are most in favour of nuclear expansion. Meanwhile, in a proposal for a new approach which is being discussed by the Moderates, it is stated that nuclear energy "ought to have the option of being developed." The Centre Party wants to phase out nuclear power "at a balanced pace." A 1980 referendum canvassed three options for phasing out nuclear power, but none for continuing it. Sweden's 1997 energy policy retains most of the country's nuclear plants but has resulted in the premature closure of the two-unit Barseback plant.

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