Taishan schedule factors in commissioning tests

02 January 2018

The Taishan 1 EPR has finished the hot functional tests of its commissioning and will be the first EPR to operate, owner China General Nuclear (CGN) announced to the Hong Kong stock exchange. However, being first meant extra tests are required and this prevented Taishan 1 from starting up at the end of 2017, the company said.

An announcement by CGN in August 2017 held that Taishan 1 would begin commercial operation and routine supply of electricity before the end of the year. On 29 December the company updated this: "As no nuclear power generating unit with EPR technology has been put into commercial operation across the world ... [the construction project company has to] conduct more experimental verifications in respect of the design and equipment, which accordingly requires longer engineering construction time."

Taishan 1 was the third EPR unit to begin construction, in November 2009. It followed Finland's Olkiluoto 3 in August 2005 and France's Flamanville 3 in December 2007. Those units are at similar levels of development - Olkiluoto 3 began hot functional tests last month, while Flamanville 3 is at the earlier stage of cold tests.

Taishan 1 - 460 (CGN)
Taishan 1 (Image: CGN)

CGN said it had "conducted a comprehensive evaluation on subsequent engineering contruction plans and relevant risks and, after due consideration, decided to adjust the constrution plan."

"Accordingly, it is expected commercial operation of Taishan 1 and Taishan 2 will commence in 2018 and 2019 respectively," said CGN. Taishan 2 is in the equipment installation phase.

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