Thorium Power becomes Lightbridge

30 September 2009

Thorium Power of the USA, which is developing thorium fuel technology for use in nuclear power plants, has decided to change its name to Lightbridge. Seth Grae, CEO of the company, said: "The name change to Lightbridge is a milestone event for us. We believe that the word 'Lightbridge' better represents who we are, our global product and service offerings, and the evolution of our company." As well as developing thorium fuel, Lightbridge provides advisory services for nuclear energy programs from its head office in McLean, Virginia and operations in London, Moscow and Abu Dhabi. Thorium Power was established in 1992 to develop and deploy thorium nuclear fuel designs developed by Alvin Radkowsky, formerly head of the US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program. The company has been involved in an ongoing fuel testing program with Russia's Kurchatov Institute since 2002.