Tianwan 2 run at full power

18 July 2007

Between 10 and 15 July, China's new Tianwan 2 nuclear reactor was operated at 100% power, completing the stationary testing phase.

The VVER pressurised water reactor has been completed by AtomStroyExport of Russia for owners Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation.

ASE reported that the five-day full power test was successful and that the unit would now be shut down for final 'preventative' engineering measures to be made on turbine systems. It would then be taken up to 100% power for dynamic testing of the main circulation system.

Finally, preparations for commercial operation would be made while the unit ran at low power, producing only enough power for its own operation and on-site systems. Commercial operation is slated for September, but the unit has already produced 568 million kWh of electricity since being connected to the grid in May.

AtomStroyExport built both Tianwan power units, and signed a contract in October 2006 to build two more. In total the site has room for up to eight reactors.

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