Torsten returned to the wild

13 February 2015

Torsten 460x242
Torsten, yesterday

A seal named Torsten has been released after a three-month stay in an intake pond at Sweden's Oskarshamn nuclear power plant.

It was back in November last year that Torsten swam through a 500 metre intake tunnel at a depth of some 18 metres to enter the dammed body of water at the site of the power plant. The name was chosen by plant staff that have only now learned Torsten is in fact female.

Despite the naming issue, Torsten "had it good" in the pond and was fed three times a day by plant staff, according to Mikael Pettersson of Sweden's University of Agricultural Sciences.

Capturing Torsten was something of a struggle, but she was healthy and alert when released to nearby Hamnefjärden, said Pettersson.

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