Two floating nuclear plants for Chukotka

05 April 2007

[Rosatom, 4 April] Rosenergoatom plans to launch a floating nuclear power plant by 2012 near the town of Pevek on Russia's Chukotka peninsula on the East Siberian Sea, with a second to follow in 2019, according to the company's director general, Sergey Obozov. The 70 MWe plants will replace capacity lost with the closure of the Chaun thermal power plant, which will have been decommissioned by that time. Russia's first floating nuclear plant will be launched by 2010 near Severodvinsk in Arkhangelsk region. China has signed an $86.5 million deal to build the body of the first plant, while Russia will be responsible for the power block. The floating plants have a service life of 40-50 years, require a crew of 69 people and generate enough heat and electricity to power a city of some 500,000 people.

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