USA to host 2022 Clean Energy Ministerial

23 April 2021

The United States has offered to host the 2022 annual meetings of the Clean Energy and Mission Innovation ministerials, US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm announced today at the Leaders Summit on Climate. These events will bring together the world's key clean energy innovators and market leaders to promote policies and programmes that advance clean energy technology.

Granholm speaking at the Leaders Summit on Climate

"We started those two great partnerships under President Obama, to engage our partner countries involved in clean energy innovation. Today, we're saying to everyone, that we are firmly back," she said.

The Clean Energy Ministerial, established in 2010, is a high-level global forum that works to promote policies and programmes that advance the deployment clean energy technology. High-level policy dialogue at its annual ministerial meetings aims to advance international collaboration to accelerate the adoption of clean energy policies and practices. It also works through public-private engagement to build the industry, government, and civil society cooperation needed to scale up clean energy around the world, and initiatives and campaigns to expand the deployment of clean energy technologies, policies and practice.

Mission Innovation is a global initiative of 24 countries and the European Commission working to accelerate clean energy innovation, with the with the objective to make clean energy widely affordable.

The Biden Administration is committed to helping every country embrace new energy technologies, Granholm said, and over the course of the past week has announced several new collaborations with international partners.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News