USA and Vietnam to cooperate in nuclear

13 September 2007

[NNSA, 12 September] The USA and Vietnam have signed an agreement to cooperate on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. The agreement was signed between the US Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and Vietnam's Ministry of Science and Technology. Under the new arrangement, scientists from the Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge national laboratories will collaborate with Vietnamese technical personnel on specific measures that promote nonproliferation and security objectives. This work includes reactor operations and safety, radiation protection, environmental radiological monitoring and radioactive waste disposition. Future collaborations will address nuclear safeguards and regulatory controls. In February 2006, the Vietnamese government announced that a 2000 MWe nuclear power plant would be on line by 2020. In August 2007, Vietnam announced plans to build two to three nuclear power plants with a total capacity of 8000 MWe at a cost of $16 billion by 2025. Vietnam also has a nuclear cooperation agreement with South Korea.

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