Uranium spot volumes at 20-year high

14 December 2010

Trading on the uranium spot market reached record volumes in the week ending 10 December, with market interest driven in part by nuclear new-build plans.  


"Just over 1 million pounds U3O8 was transacted last week in eight transactions, bringing year-to-date spot market volume to a record level of 41.6 million pounds - surpassing the previous spot sales record achieved two decades ago," TradeTech president Treva Klingbiel told World Nuclear News.

"China's ambitious nuclear power expansion plan and the recent signing of two new contracts for long-term uranium supply attracted renewed interest from the financial and investor sectors and propelled the spot price movement in the past month," said Klingbiel.

The uranium spot market applies to marginal trading from day to day, and usually represents less than 20% of uranium supply. Most nuclear utilities secure their uranium supplies through individually negotiated long-term contracts with producers selling directly to utilities. The price in such contracts is, however, often related to the spot price at the time of delivery.

"Discretionary demand from trading and financial entities, as well as the utilities seeking offers for mid-and long-term uranium deliveries encouraged sellers and led to steadily higher prices in offers and transactions," Klingbiel stated. TradeTech's weekly uranium spot price increased $0.25 to $60.50 per pound U3O8 on 10 December. 

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by World Nuclear News