Vessel head for Haiyang 2

27 July 2015

The reactor pressure vessel head for China's Haiyang 2 reactor has been lifted into place, marking another milestone in the construction of the AP1000.

Haiyang 2 vessel installation - 460 (SNPTC)
The vessel head is lifted by craned into place (Image: SNPTC)

The operation to lift the 15.5 metre high, 215.5 tonne component into place in the reactor containment building took two hours to complete. The head was manufactured by Shandong Nuclear Power Equipment Manufacturing.

The installation of the vessel head follows the installation of Haiyang 2's pressure vessel, also Chinese-made, in September 2014.

Two Westinghouse-designed AP1000s are currently under construction at Haiyang in Shandong province, with unit 1 scheduled to start up by the end of 2015 and unit 2 early in 2016. In addition to the Haiyang units, two AP1000s are also under construction at Sanmen in Zhejiang province. The pressure vessels for the first units at both sites have been supplied by Korean company Doosan Heavy Industries, while the second unit's vessels have been produced domestically.

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