Vimy secures approval to begin work at Mulga Rock

01 October 2021

The Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS) has approved Vimy Resources' Mulga Rock Mining Proposal and associated Mine Closure Plan. This means Vimy can now begin "ground disturbing" activities at the project, with a view to first uranium production by 2025.

Preparations have begun at the Mulga Rock site (Image: Vimy)

With approval of the Mining Proposal, Project Management Plan and Conditional Environmental
Management Plans, Vimy can now implement its Early Works Program, which includes vegetation clearing, stockpiling of topsoil, excavation of overburden and construction of overburden landforms. Its earthworks contractor is preparing to mobilise personnel and equipment to site immediately, the company said.

An intensive 8-10 week schedule of work will ensure Vimy achieves 'substantial commencement' prior to 16 December 2021, the company said. This is one of the conditions of the Western Australian Minister for Environment's approval of the implementation of the project, and is set down in Ministerial Statement 1046 which was issued in December 2016.

Interim CEO Steven Michael said the approvals represent a significant milestone for the company. "It allows Vimy to further de-risk the project by achieving 'substantial commencement' and continue on the path towards first production by 2025," he said.

In preparation for the Early Works Program, the company has already begun on-site activities including refurbishing a landing area to support fly-in-fly-out operations; re-establishing water infrastructure; re-opening the Mulga Rock camp; the installation of new data links to an existing regional network; and recommissioning of associated infrastructure to support earthworks activities.

Based on a definitive feasibility study completed in 2018, Vimy plans to develop the Ambassador, Princess, Shogun and Emperor deposits, commencing with Mulga Rock East (Ambassador and Princess deposits). The company earlier this week said this remains its primary objective, although it has also been considering "an alternate development option which may be implemented at short notice" to further de-risk the project.

The next regulatory approval required by the project will be from the Western Australian Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER). Part V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 requires a works approval to be obtained from DWER before constructing prescribed industrial premises. Vimy said it is now working cooperatively with DWER on the Mulga Rock Project works approval submission.

Mulga Rock is located 290km by road east-northeast of Kalgoorlie in the Great Victoria Desert of Western Australia.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News