Yangjiang steam generators arrive on site

31 January 2013

Steam generators for Yangjiang 3, January 2012 (Shanghai Electric) 460x296
A delivery this month completed the journey of three steam generators from the Lingang manufacturing plant near Shanghai to the Yangjiang nuclear power plant site.

The steam generators will be installed at Yangjiang 2, one of four reactors being built at the site by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company (CGNPC). The first unit will begin generating power in the latter part of this year with the remainder following to 2017.

Yangjiang is in southern Guangdong province, around 400 kilometers west of Hong Kong, Macau and Shenzhen. The components were delivered by sea, covering the 1800 kilometer distance between 28 December and 18 January. An equivalent delivery before the end of this year will deliver the steam generators for Yangjiang 3.

Made by Shanghai Electric, the units will transfer heat from a high pressure loop of water into second loop of steam that drives a turbine and generator. Each CPR-1000 reactor system has three such steam generators and a total electrical output of 1080 MWe.

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