Monopolizing with Wylfa

02 December 2011

The Wylfa nuclear power plant appears on a new edition of the board game Monopoly featuring the UK’s Isle of Anglesey, Magnox Ltd reported. The original UK version of the property-buying and -selling game was based on London streets and landmarks. The Wylfa plant replaces the spot on the board game usually occupied by the 'Electric Company' and can be bought for just £150. Thirty locations on Anglesey have made it on to the Monopoly board, including the Menai suspension bridge, the South Stack Lighthouse and Holyhead port. Wylfa site director Nick Gore commented: "We could hardly pass up this opportunity, given our links to the local community and our long relationship with the Isle of Anglesey." He added, "It's great that Wylfa has become such a part of the island's fabric that it can sit next to Plas Newydd and Llanfair PG (the town with the longest railway sign in the world) as iconic landmarks." Magnox noted that the two 490 MWe Magnox plants at Wylfa have generated more than 680 terawatt-hours of electricity since they began operating in 1971, supplying more than 40% of Wales' electricity demand. The plant is currently planned to be shut down in 2012, but Magnox is studying the potential to continue operating Wylfa beyond this.