JNFL delays construction of MOX plant

07 March 2007

[Atoms in Japan, 20 February] Japan Nuclear Fuel Ltd (JNFL) has revised the schedule for the start of construction and completion of the mixed-oxide (MOX) nuclear fuel fabrication plant at Rokkasho-mura, Aomori Prefecture, by six months. The company has requested permission from the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) to delay the start of construction from April to October 2007, while completion of the facility will be pushed back from April to October 2012. The planned facility will manufacture both BWR and PWR fuel assemblies using powdered MOX fuel from the adjacent reprocessing plant. It will have a maximum capacity of 130 tonnes heavy metal (tHM) per annum. The cost of the facility has also risen from some ¥120 billion ($1.0 billion) to ¥130 billion ($1.1 billion).

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