ČEZ begins 'security assessment' of Dukovany bidders

22 June 2021

Dukovany II Power Plant, part of ČEZ Group, wrote yesterday to three potential bidders for the construction of a new nuclear unit at the Dukovany nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic. The letter is the official start of a safety assessment of EDF, Westinghouse and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, the reactor vendors selected by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade to participate in a pre-qualification round.

The existing four VVER-440 units at Dukovany (Image: ČEZ)

ČEZ said that, by the end of November, it will submit "all relevant information on security issues" for the project to the government, which will then decide which candidates will be invited to the tender itself.

"The aim of the security assessment is to evaluate all the potential suppliers and to obtain the information necessary to safeguard security interests. These include, in particular, clarification of ownership structure, supply chain, links of stakeholders with the State, problems with the implementation of projects, accusations and other problems in nuclear resource projects, technology transfer and know-how, and others," ČEZ said.

"In order to answer questions in the security assessment, potential candidates will also receive complete preliminary documentation, which will also help to speed up the subsequent processing of tenders for those candidates who will be invited to the selection procedure," it added.

The Czech government signed a framework agreement on the construction of the new unit with ČEZ and project company Elektrárna Dukovany II in July 2020. That agreement aimed for ČEZ to hold a tender for the reactor supplier, negotiate a contract and receive all the required licences by 2024, so that the unit can be put into operation in 2036. The government has agreed to provide guarantees for any political or legislative risks the project may face. On 8 March this year, the State Office for Nuclear Safety issued a site licence for two new reactor units at the existing Dukovany nuclear power plant site.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News