Dairyland considers deployment of NuScale SMR

24 February 2022

US electricity generation and transmission cooperative Dairyland Power has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NuScale Power to evaluate the potential deployment of NuScale's small modular reactor (SMR) technology.

(Image: NuScale Power)

Under the MoU, the two companies will work together to explore NuScale's SMR technology and support Dairyland's due diligence process in evaluating affordable, reliable and carbon-free energy solutions.

Dairyland - headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin - provides the wholesale electrical requirements for 24 distribution cooperatives and 17 municipal utilities, supplying the energy for more than half a million people in four states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

"In support of Dairyland's existing portfolio, NuScale's VOYGR power plants are flexible and able to perform load following manoeuvres to meet grid capacity needs due to the intermittency of wind, solar and hydro generation, facilitating the growth of renewables," NuScale said. "Additionally, NuScale's technology is particularly well-suited for placement at retiring coal plant sites, preserving critical jobs in the energy industry and helping host communities facilitate the transition to a decarbonised energy system."

"NuScale is thrilled to partner with an environmentally focused, forward-thinking organisation like Dairyland," said NuScale Power President and CEO John Hopkins. "Our advanced technology can deliver safe, affordable, and green energy making NuScale the ideal partner to help Dairyland execute their vision to grow, innovate, and deliver value as a premier member-driven energy cooperative."

"Dairyland is examining carbon-free power supply technologies including NuScale's small modular reactor nuclear plants," said Dairyland President and CEO Brent Ridge. "This agreement provides Dairyland an opportunity to explore this technology and evaluate whether it might be a viable long-term alternative to provide our members with safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity in a lower carbon future."

Dairyland owns the shut-down La Crosse nuclear power plant in Wisconsin. The 50 MWe boiling water reactor was built in 1967 as part of a joint project with the federal Atomic Energy Commission to demonstrate the peaceful use of nuclear power. Dairyland built the turbine, generator and plant auxiliary systems. In 1973, the reactor and fuel were transferred to Dairyland. The plant was shut down and placed in Safestor in April 1987. In September 2012, after several years of preparation, La Crosse's used fuel was placed into a dry cask storage system.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News