Hualong One deployment at Fuqing 5

04 November 2014

Forthcoming units at China's Fuqing nuclear power plant are the first to be officially designated as using the Hualong One reactor design.

Three reactors are under construction at the site in Fujian province, while another has been connected to the grid and is soon to start regular power generation. They are all CPR-1000 model pressurized water reactors, but today it was announced by China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) that the fifth and sixth units at the site will use the Hualong One design, marking its first deployment.

Hualong One impression (CNNC) 460x277
An artist's impression of a Hualong One unit (Image: CNNC)

CNNC had previously expected to use the ACP1000 design for Fuqing 5 and 6, but plans have been revised in line with a re-organisation of the Chinese nuclear industry. In 2012 central planners in Beijing directed CNNC and the other large nuclear builder and operator, China General Nuclear (CGN), to 'rationalise' their reactor programs. This meant CNNC's ACP1000 and CGN's ACPR1000 were 'merged' into one standardised design - the Hualong One.

In fact, each company has its own supply chain and their versions of Hualong One will differ slightly (units built by CGN will use some features from the ACPR1000) but the design is considered to be standardised. It is set for wide deployment in China as well as export to other countries. Some 85% of its components will be made domestically.

Fuqing 5, November 2014 (CNNC) 460x306
How the Fuqing 5 site looks today (Image: CNNC)

Site preparations are well advanced for Fuqing 5, which has previously been slated to start construction before the end of this year. According to that schedule it would be in operation in around 2019.

Once all six units at Fuqing are in operation their total generating capacity would be about 6300 MWe. CNNC has said this would provide about 10% of the electricity used in Fujian province by its population of 37.5 million people. CNNC holds a majority stake in project company the Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Co, with the remainder held by China Huadian Corporation.

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