KHNP, Candu Energy to cooperate in decommissioning

25 November 2022

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) and SNC-Lavalin subsidiary Candu Energy will see the two companies cooperate in areas such as decommissioning waste and digital twins, and work together on a system to exchange technology, information and experience.

The MoU was signed at SNC-Lavalin's headquarters in Canada on 21 November (Image: KHNP)

KHNP said it is increasing its capacity to dismantle nuclear power plant: Korea's oldest reactor, Kori 1 - a 576 MWe pressurised water reactor - closed in June 2017 after 40 years of service, having had a ten-year licence extension, and Wolsong 1, the country's first Candu 6 unit, was taken offline in May 2018 and declared closed in December 2019.

KHNP is planning to carry out "immediate dismantling" of Wolsong 1 - rather than delayed decommissioning, when dismantling is not carried out until more than 60 years after the reactor has shut - and said this would be a world first for a commercial heavy water reactor.

In addition to securing nuclear power plant dismantling capabilities, the MoU will also serve as an opportunity to advance into the overseas decommissioning market, it said.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News