Laurentis joins Tractebel-Hatch SMR partnership

07 December 2023

Ontario Power Generation subsidiary Laurentis Energy Partners is joining forces with Tractebel and Hatch to develop a one-stop shop to support industrial small modular reactor (SMR) clients worldwide.

The signing of the partnership agreement in Brussels (Image: Laurentis Energy Partners)

In August this year, Belgian engineering firm Tractebel and Canadian engineering, project management, and professional services firm Hatch agreed to cooperate on supporting the deployment of SMR technologies in North America and Europe. By collaborating, the two companies said they aim to provide "invaluable expertise" in the field of nuclear engineering and consultancy for nuclear projects.

Laurentis Energy Partners has now signed an agreement to join forces with Tractebel and Hatch

"Together, the three companies will leverage their combined skills, expertise, and experience to support clients looking to develop SMR projects," the partners said in a joint statement. "The partnership approach will ultimately help streamline processes, significantly reducing risks, and ensuring lessons learned are transferred from one project to the next."

"The global energy landscape is changing rapidly," said Laurentis Energy Partners President and CEO Jason Van Wart. "With a growing demand for clean, safe, and reliable electricity, the investments being made in new nuclear development represent significant business potential that extend well beyond the nuclear industry.

"Together with Hatch and Tractebel, we can help heavy industry clients reach climate change goals by leveraging our individual and collective strengths to provide end-to-end solutions that bring nuclear energy projects to life."

"Hatch, Laurentis, and Tractebel's cooperation will be crucial to the construction of SMRs in Europe and in North America," added Tractebel Chief Global Nuclear Officer Denis Dumont. "We are honoured to cooperate with these two major partners that have strong roots in the North American industrial and nuclear markets. Tractebel will bring its international nuclear new build and design authority experience to the alliance."

"We are pleased to collaborate with Laurentis and Tractebel," said Hatch Global Director Nuclear Amar Jolly. "Our collective experience creates a win-win for nuclear and industrial clients interested in leveraging nuclear to decarbonise, as well as for our communities and our climate. We believe that nuclear will be instrumental in the energy transformation and in achieving our global net-zero goals, including the decarbonization of heavy industries."

Tractebel has more than 60 years of nuclear engineering experience in Europe and now globally throughout the entire life cycle of nuclear installations, from design to decommissioning, as well as in industrial applications. Tractebel - a subsidiary of France's Engie - has been collaborating with EDF on the Nuward small modular reactor (SMR) project since 2021.

Hatch offers engineering, consulting, and technology and equipment design, including first-of-a-kind development in the nuclear sector and covers the entire life-cycle of nuclear installations from mining, fuel development, new build, operation, decommissioning and waste management. The company has been involved in supporting the development and evaluation of SMRs for on-grid or off-grid power since 2012. It is working with SMR vendors, utilities, heavy industry, industry regulators, and governments to support their development, licensing and implementation.

Laurentis was established in 2012, under the name Canadian Nuclear Partners, and was renamed Laurentis Energy Partners in January 2020. Based in Canada and with operations in Europe, Laurentis serves customers in energy markets and in health care around the world. Laurentis is currently providing services to a number of SMR clients including Canadian nuclear utilities, Canadian non-nuclear utilities, European utilities, European non-nuclear utilities, and Canadian government departments.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News