Lithuanian president passes nuclear bill

05 July 2007

[ITAR-Tass, 4 July] LithuanianPresident Valdas Adamkus signed into law on 4 July a bill for theconstruction of a new nuclear power plant in the country. The previousday, Adamkus met with the heads of the state security agencies and thespecial investigation service, together with the heads of the statecontrol agency, the council for competition and other agencies, toconsult on the implications of new build at the Ignalina plant. Thebill was approved by the government on 28 June. Under the law, acompany will be established for the construction of the plant, with thestatus of "national investor". The new company, which will be createdby the end of 2007, will incorporate the single electricitytransmission system operator Lietuvos Energija, together with twoelectricity providers, the Western and Eastern power grids. The companywill select partners and finance the building process. As host country,Lithuania will hold a 34% stake in the project, with the remainderexpected to be held equally between Estonia, Latvia and Poland. Anagreement on the construction of the plant is expected to be signed bythe prime ministers of the Baltic states and Poland in Vilnius on 6July.

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