Atommash in 'rhythm' as it ships steam generators to Turkey

02 September 2021

Steam generators for the second reactor of Turkey's Akkuyu nuclear power plant have been dispatched from the Atommash plant in the Volgodonsk area of Russia. Production of heavy components for nuclear plants has reached a stable 'production rhythm', the head of the plant's owner, AEM Technologies, said.

Ready to roll: one of Akkuyu 2's steam generators begins its journey (Image: Rosatom)

On 31 August, four steam generators - weighing 355 tonnes each - began their 3000 km journey from the factory in southern Russia to the Akkuyu plant on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. They were made by Atommash, which is owned by AEM Technologies, itself part of Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom.

Serial production of nuclear power components for new plants in Russia and other countries has resulted in high efficiency at the plant, said Igor Kotov, director general of AEM Technologies. "The first of these four steam generators was built eight months ahead of the original schedule," he said, explaining that introducing digital technologies, improving efficiency and developing staff had led to the manufacturing time being cut in half.

"We can say that the production of equipment for nuclear power at the plant has reached the level of a stable 'production rhythm' with the maximum utilisation of production capacities," Kotov said.

Rosatom has three reactors under construction in Russia and some 35 export projects at various stages in other countries, including the four reactors at Akkuyu, two at Rooppur in Bangladesh, and four at Xudabao and Tianwan in China.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News