Contract signed allowing resumption of Angra 3 works

10 February 2022

Electronuclear said the consortium made up of Ferreira Guedes, Matricial and ADtranz can now press ahead with the work to complete unit 3 of the Angra nuclear power plant in Rio de Janeiro.

Angra 3 in Rio de Janeiro (Image: Eletronuclear) The consortium was chosen last July after a successful bid of BRL292 million (USD56.1 million) for the tender.

After completing the appeal stages, the three companies successfully underwent a compliance assessment, before the Electronuclear board, at the end of January, approved the signing of the contract.

Electronuclear said: "With the contract signed the consortium will start mobilising the construction site to, soon, restart the construction of the plant."

The so-called critical path acceleration plan includes the completion of the concrete superstructure of the Angra 3 reactor building.

The company added: "In addition, an important part of the electromechanical assembly will be carried out, which includes the closing of the containment steel sphere and the installation of the used fuel pool, the polar bridge and the semi-gantry crane."

There will be a separate tender held to complete the civil works and electromechanical assembly of the plant.

Construction of the unit was halted for a second time in 2015, but is 65% complete. Electronuclear said last July it hopes to start operations in November 2026.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News