Kairos consortium formed to help develop its reactor technology

20 April 2022

Bruce Power, Constellation, Southern Company and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) have joined Kairos Power Operations, Manufacturing and Development Alliance. The consortium’s goal is to advance the development of the company’s advanced fluoride salt-cooled high-temperature reactor (KP-FHR) technology.

Artistic rendering of the Hermes low-power demonstration reactor (Image: Kairos Power)

As well as advising on the development of the KP-FHR technology, the alliance will seek to pool knowledge regarding the siting and development of Kairos Power’s User Facility, a full-scale non-nuclear demonstration reactor and operations/maintenance training facility and the siting and development of Kairos Power’s KP-X, a 140 MWe commercial reactor operating at grid scale.

Kairos Power CEO and co-founder Mike Laufer said "partnering with an incredible team of nuclear owners and operators" was a "significant step forward".

"In order for advanced nuclear reactors to play a significant role in the fight against climate change, we are focused on the delivery of a safe and affordable technology through iterative hardware demonstrations.

"By aligning with industry leaders, we will gain confidence through these iterations that our advanced reactor technology will meet the evolving operational needs of our customers in the years to come," he said.

Mike Rencheck, president and CEO of Bruce Power, said: ​"As a leading producer of clean, reliable and affordable nuclear energy, Bruce Power is pleased to partner with Kairos Power and our industry peers and apply our extensive expertise and experience as a nuclear operator to this exciting and innovative consortium."

"Collaboration is critical as we face the climate crisis. Creating a consortium of industry experts to consult on the salt-cooled reactor project is the right way to advance the next generation of nuclear technology," Constellation CEO Joseph Dominguez said.

Jeff Lyash, president and CEO of TVA, said: "We believe advanced nuclear technologies will play a critical role in our nation’s drive toward a clean energy future and look forward to working with Kairos Power and all consortium members as we pursue the shared goals of safe, low-cost carbon-free energy."

Kairos Power's construction permit application for the Hermes low-power demonstration reactor is currently under formal review by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Hermes is a demonstration version of the Alameda, California-based company's KP-FHR, a 140 MWe fluoride salt-cooled high temperature reactor using TRISO (TRI-structural ISOtropic) fuel pebbles with a low-pressure fluoride salt coolant. It is scheduled to be operational in 2026.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News