Cernavoda 2 achieves initial criticality

08 May 2007

The Cernavoda 2 nuclear power reactor inRomania achieved first criticality at approximately 11.25pm on 6 May,Nuclearelectrica reported. The 655 MWe pressurized heavy water reactorof the Candu 6 design, supplied by Atomic Energy of Canada (AECL), willundergo a series of low-power tests over the next few weeks beforepower levels are increased. The unit is scheduled to enter commercialproduction by September 2007. Construction of Cernavoda 2, togetherwith units 3 to 5, originally started in 1982, but was suspendedfollowing the overthrow of President Nicolae Ceaucescu in December1989. A consortium of AECL and Italy's Ansaldo Energie, together withNuclearelectrica, were contracted in 2003 to manage the construction ofthe partially completed unit 2 and to commission it into service. Units3 and 4 are to be completed in parallel, following the recommendationsof a 2006 study, while there are currently no plans to complete unit 5.Cernavoda 1, also a Candu reactor, has been operating since 1996.Together with Cernavoda 2, the two units will account for some 18% ofRomania's energy production.

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